Conference program


Water Conference 2017 Conference Program will be published in summer 2017

Water Conference 2016 Conference Program:

Time Speaker Title
Thursday October 6
Session 1
8.30-9.30 Registration
9.30-9.45 Opening
9.45-10.20Konstantin Korotkov Water as a material matrix for the consciousness field of humankind
10.20-10.55 Stuart Hameroff Polar and non-polar (quantum) regulation of coherent protein dynamics
10.55-11.25 Coffee break
11.25-12.00 Roumiana Tsenkova Aquaphotomics
12.00-12.35 Magdalena Kowacs  Consequences for protein self-assembly and protein-surface interaction
12.35-13.10 Yoshi Osada Artificial muscles - soft & wet nano-machine of the next era
13.10-14.30 Lunch
Session 2
14.30-15.30 Gerald Pollack EZ Water and Weather: An Intimate Role of Separated Charge
15.30-16.05 Alex Pope Ice on land – Pope’s climate theory
16.05 - 16:35 Coffee Break
16.35-17.05 Vittorio Elia Iterative Procedures to Highlight the Formation of Molecular Aggregates of Water Molecules in Pure Perturbed Water - The Iteratively Cellulosated Water
17:05 - 17:40 Nikolai Bunkin Non-invasive laser diagnostics of swelling nafion in water and aqueous solutions of salts
19:00 Dinner (With music)
Friday October 7
Session 3
9.00-9.35 Antonella deNinno Experimental evidences of two phase structure of liquid water
9:35-10.10 Victor Norris How does a cell generate a coherent phenotype from its many constituents?
10.10-10.45 Igor Jerman Shift from DNA molecule to water enesemble: can it explain the origin of life?
10.45-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.05 Anibal DiSalvo Aquaomics and waterons: water informational units at the membrane interphase
12.05-12.40 Roberto Germano  Unexpected UV-fluorescence behavior of supramolecular H2O architectures  generated by perturbing pure water
12.45-13.45 Lunch
Session 4
13.45-14.20 Vladimir Voeikov Effects of plant peptides on developmental processes in plants and on redox processes in bicarbonate aqueous systems. Possible role of water 
14.20-14.55 Livio Giuliani Coherent domains as negentropic engine in the frame of geomagnetic and geoelectromagnetic fields
14.55-15.30 Vladimir Korenbaum On reliability of spectral evidences of homeopathy substances electronic copying
15.30-16.00 Coffee break
16.00-17.45 Poster capsules (3 min for each poster)
18.00-19.15 Dinner
19.15-22.30 Poster session (with wine)
Saturday October 8 
Session 5
9.00-9.35 MJ Pangman Effects of deuterium -depleted water on  cell membrane integrity and overall health, as measured by heart rate variability, bioelectrical impedance analysis  and galvanic skin response
9.35-10.10 Bernd Kroeplin  The Memory and secrets of water
10.10-10.45 Francisco Coll Sanchez Marine Therapy: History and latest research
10.45-11.15 Coffee break
11.15-11:50 Marc Cohen Water and the inner-well of being: ‘wellness’ and ‘wealth’ as properties of water
11.50-12.25 Yosi Scolnik Deviation from identity of macroscopic properties of enantiomers – via water chiral preference. (Is water chiral?)
12.25-13.00 Elmar Fuchs Protons and the floating water bridge
13.00-14.00 Lunch
Session 6. Chairs: 
14.00-18.00 Trip (excursion)
19.00-21.30 Banquet,  best poster award
Sunday October 9
Session 7
9.00-9.35 Curt Hallberg Experiences with water vortexers
9.35-10.10 John Stuart Reid
Holographic properties of water
10.10-10.45 Gary Buchanan SONATHERAPY®, cymatics, and photon chains: the healing potentials of sound in the body's vicinal waters
10.45-11.15 Coffee break
11.15-12:05 James Hurtak 
Desiree Hurtak
OxyHydrogen: An Examination of Brown’s Gas
12:05 - 12:40 Serge Kernbach
Biological and electrochemical sensors in measuring the informational side of matter
12:40 - 13:15 Ernst Zurcher Water uptake by cellulose as an indicator of variability in water properties?
13.15-13:45 Poster winner's talk, Closing, 
13.45-14.45 Lunch