Emilio del Giudice (1940-2014)

This page is dedicated to the memory of Emilio del Giudice who was an outstanding scientist, a fascinating lecturer and a wonderful friend. He presented his research on Water conferences every year from 2007 to 2013 – always very committed and inspiring. His wisdom and humor have always been an important part of the meeting’s atmosphere.

He was a theoretical physicist, a researcher at the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) in Milan, a member of the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany. He worked at MIT in Cambridge, USA and at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. His research interests related primarily to the quantum field theory, and the study of the collective properties of matter, to shed light on the nature of life. He is the author of numerous scientific articles. He was awarded the Medal Prigogine 2009.

Emilio worked so hard to explain physical phenomena underlying principles of the memory of water and a biological signal transmission by electromagnetic waves

At this page you can hear the sound of Emilio’s soul which was recorded at the Water Conference’13 by special device (download sound). If you want to share your memories of Emilio del Giudice please send the related materials to mail@waterconf.com.

Publications Other materials

Emeritus Professor in Theoretical Particle Physics Yogendra (Yogi) Srivastava sends a few words (click to read).

You can also see additional materials related Emilio on website of Jacques Benveniste Association

Below you can see short list of his publications, which present his most principal works and show a wide range of interests of this Scientist.

  • A quantum field theoretical approach to the collective behaviour of biological systems, Del Giudice E., Doglia S., Milani M., Vitiello G. Nuclear Physics B251 [FS 13] (1985) 375-400.
  • Water as a free electric dipole laser, Del Giudice E., Preparata G., Vitiello G. Physical Review Letters, 61 (1988) 1085-88;
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  • Coherent Quantum Electrodynamics in Living Matter Emilio Del Giudice; Antonella De Ninno; Martin
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  • Water and the Autocatalysis in Living Matter, Del Giudice E., Tedeschi A., Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Vol.28 , issue 1, 46 (2009);

Curriculum Prof. Del Giudice Emilio

List of recents papers of Emilio:

  • Del Giudice E.; Tedeschi A. Water and the autocatalysis in living matter, ElectromagnBiol Med, 2009, 28, 46-52.
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