Exhibition "Innovative technologies"


Exhibition Program 2018

Purposes of the exhibition:
  • To inform scientists, investors, entrerpreneurs, customers about new technology or device that can improve the quality of life and/or solve some problems.
  • To help the author of technology/device to approach a market.

For participation please send and application to the organizers of the conference "Physics, Chemistry and BiIology of Water"

The application can be sent in free format (not more than 2 pages) and should contain the following information:
  • Author (person or company, with contact information)
  • Description of the showpiece
  • Field of application 
  • Information that proves effectiveness of the showpiece (research, publications etc.)
  • Patentability
  • Description of the showpiece (photo, video, links, etc.)
  • The application should be sent before September 1, 2018
  • The price of 1 sq.meter of equiped exhibition place is 125 Euro (without VAT). For the conference participants there is special offer - the price of one standard equiped exhibition place (4 sq.meters) is 250Euro (without VAT). Standard equiped exhibition place includes stand, table, chair, booklet printing, Internet, spreading information about exhibitor in Internet. 

Register For Exhibition Now
Don't forget as well to register for Water Conference 2018 itself here 

The exhibitors will be presented in electronic booklet that will be available on the website www.waterconf.org and will be widely promoted together with conference materials. The texts provided by selected exhibitors for the booklet will be published without organizer's review or correction.

The workshop-tutorial 

It will be held during the exhibition at the Conference on physics, chemistry and biology of water 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria, October 20, 14.00-18.00 - More informations

Seminar "Practical application of the new knowledge about water"

The seminar will be held on October 18-21. It is intended for people who are interested in new market products, increasing labour productivity, improving quality of life with the help of technologies related to health industry, quality of food and water.

We're happy to invite investors, manufacturers, salesmen, consumers.

Exhibitors will present their technologies that show possibilities of practical application of the new knowledge of water.

The attendance of the seminar is free of charge, but we'll be grateful for any donation ho help us cover organizational costs (hall lease, technical support and so on.

Please register for seminar here

Information for seminar speakers: time of presentation - 5 min

Special offer for the conference sponsors