New technology is changing the way we think about medicine

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Water Conference 2017 Booklet






Gerald H. Pollack, Ph.D                                                                      
Professor of Bioengineering
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SUBJECT: New technology is changing the way we think about medicine


FROM: Professor Gerald Pollack, University of Washington, Seattle, organizer of the International Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water. 


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


The international scientific conference "Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water" ( has been held annually since 2006. Until 2012, the conference was held in the US and in the last 5 years moved to Europe - Bulgaria.


At this conference dedicated scientists and researchers from around the world gather to present and discuss groundbreaking research in a relaxed open forum setting. Particular attention is paid to study the physical parameters and biological properties of water under the influence of a variety of natural and artificially simulated factors.


I would like to draw your attention to the research of the group of scientists from the DST Fund in the field of informational, spectral copies of biologically active substances transmitted via communication lines (IC project). It opens up completely new horizons for the Internet application. DST Fund studies may find wide practical application in the health industry, agriculture, and other fields.


Please find below some detailed information regarding the IC project.


Information about IC:


The IC project began efforts in 2009 and have since taken part amongst the Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water over the last 4 years. IC project scientific research has shown that electromagnetic signals can impart "information" into water, therefore having effects on biological systems and application in material science.  The idea of informational medicine is nothing less than astounding. The IC team is dedicated to developing new approaches in medicine that will change the way we think about medicine itself. With support from the DST Fund, IC project has successfully established an integrated global-medical crowdsourcing platform, implementing into wide scale practice the use of Informational Copies of Biologically Active Substances for treatment and prophylaxis of various diseases.

An IC copyes team of professionals were assembled and technical centers were equipped with “Informational Copies” informed with active properties of medicines, which have been made available for patient-practitioner download and use. Web-sites connected to technical centers have been designed and launched in multiple languages etc.

With help of a personal computer or hand held device, IC sites allow internet accessible patient-practitioners the ability to receive the "Informational Copies" from the IC technical center.

Please take a moment to review the project information provided in the following links and feel free to inquire with questions and further interest.

CEO: Non-profit charitable DST Foundation, IC Project, Evgeny Germanov



Brief video-presentation of the project 


IC Project Presentations from the Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water


2012 year


2013 year


2014 year


2015 year




                                                                                                Gerald H. Pollack

4 March 2016