Informational Pharmacology – reproducing informational copies of medicals in aqueous solutions

B.Surinov1, K.Khachumova2, ,E.Germanov3, A.Fedorenko3.

1 ‑ A.F. Cyb MRRC of “NMRRC” ‑ branch of Ministry of Health Russian, Obninsk;

2 ‑ GBOU VPO RNIMU of N.I. Pirogov, Department of internal diseases p/f, Moscow;

3 ‑ DST fund, Moscow

Published at: / International Journal of Unconventional Science 

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Abstract (translated):

In this paper, there are results of experimental and clinical studies of the properties of information copies (IC) of certain medicals obtained by activation with low-intensity laser radiation. During this activation plastic, e.g. compact discs, water and NaCl solutions acquire the ability to reproduce the specific activity of drugs. It is believed that this phenomenon is because of chemical and biological substances have electromagnetic field specific for them, which are reproduced in the form of IC on neutral carriers - on plastic, water, solutions etc.

In experiments on laboratory animals, it has been shown that ICs of immunostimulatory Arbidol and immunosuppressive Dexone obtained on a CD-ROM or via the Internet reproduce specific activity of original substances in water and physiological solution when injected to laboratory mice or drunk by them. IC of Arbidol stimulates immune reactivity, and IC of Dexone inhibits it.

Current experimental researches also are proven by the results of clinical observations on volunteers, performed with the help of techniques of bioresonance therapy and diagnostics. It is shown that people from test group had improvement of the functional state of the organism, activation of protective reserves and prevention of the incidence of viral infections in the autumn period compare to the control group of people.

Obtained results and data of previous researches are discussed from the point of view of mechanisms of described phenomena and their applications. They show the need to expand research in this area - information pharmacology, attracting attention of various specialists, as it opens new prospects for pharmacy and practical medicine.