Prof. Gerald H. Pollack invites you to the annual international conference "Physics , Chemistry and Biology of Water"

In 2016, Sofia the capital of Bulgaria will host the World Water Conference "Physics, chemistry and biology of water". The forum is 06-09 October 2016, on the territory of the governmental Residence “Boyana”, near to the

Mountaine Vitocha. The statiustic is show that 45% of the mineral water in Europe is concentrated in the Territory of Bulgaria. The park in the upper bases of the congress - center "Boyana" is a real Wellness therapy.

       Water is the national richness of Bulgaria, so scientists who bring new knowledge to the country of the water, will create the most comfortable conditions.

Our Bulgarian partners offer you relax in the beautiful Bulgaria before or after the conference.

       Below is all the information about the mineral water. Bulgaria, the unique healing properties of which are known to people for thousands of years. Each participant in the conference can pick up a mineral water. For those who wish to be made a special offer at discounted prices.

Indications for treatment:


1.Disease of the musculoskeletal system:

Pomorie, Velingrad, Sandanski, Karlovo Banya, Momin Prohod, Pavel Banya, Banite, Smolyan, Kyustendil, Ovcha Mogila, Banya, Burgas, Vurshets, Strelcha, Haskovo.


2.Peripheral nervous system diseases:

Pomorie, Kyustendil, Sandanski, Karlovo Banya, Pavel Banya, Banite Smolyan, Ovcha Mogila, Bath, Bourgas, Velingrad, Varshets, Strelcha, Haskovo, Ovcha Mogila.


3.Diseases of the central nervous system:

Narechen, Karlovo Banya, Pavel Banya, Velingrad, Bath Bourgas, Velingrad, Varshets, Smolyan.


4.Diabetes mellitus, gout, osteoporosis:

Speech, Velingrad, Hissar, Ovcha Mogila, Gabrovo, Smolyan, Ovcha Mogila.


5.Gynecological and andrological disease:

Pomorie, Kyustendil, Strelcha.


6.Skin diseases and cerebral palsy:

Momin pass.


7.Thermal injury:



8.Digestive organ diseases (chronic gastritis, colitis, ulcers, chronic hepatitis, as well as kidney disease, including kidney stone disease):

Hissar, Velingrad, Strelcha.


9.Respiratory diseases (asthma, chronic bronchitis, conditions after pneumonia, sinusitis, etc.):

Momin passage, Sandanski, Teteven, park "Rodopi".


10.Chronic intoxication with salts of heavy metals:

  Banite and Smolyan.


11.Diseases of the circulatory system (hypertension stage I or II):

 Starozagorski Mineralni baths and Smolyan.


12.In Bulgaria, many siliceous water -

 Kyustnendil,, Karlovsko, Banite, Pavel Banya.



 According to Japanese gerontologists, siliceous is the most powerful geroprotector. Reducing the amount of silica coming from drinking water leads to atherosclerosis. Silicon supports youth and elasticity of the skin, blood vessel elasticity, restores the immune defenses of the skin, is of great importance in the growth and formation of skin, bones, cartilage and connective tissue. It prevents the deposition of lipids. It proved bacteriostatic effect of silicon on water flora of the gastrointestinal tract. 

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The total capacity of the conference is 200 people.

The capacity of the main conference hall -150 people, an additional room on the screen which reports designed for 50 people will be broadcast. The hotel at the congress center have maximum capacity 97 participants and 32 accompanying staying in the same building. On page published conditions for participation in the conference and accommodation of participants.


Other participants will be staying in a nearby hotel Festa. Travel time by car from the congress center to the hotel Festa is 5 minutes. A free transport will run for all registered people. Catering for all participants of the conference will be organized in the congress center.

Filling the hotel will be made as to registration page and pay the registration fee.


If for any reason you cannot take part in the conference "Physics, chemistry and biology of water", please contact the persons concerned. Thanks in advance.


Looking forward to meeting you in Bulgaria!


General sponsor of the Conference and organizer of the IC Project (  ,!beginning/x8nnh) - DST Fund


The Organizing committee