Jacques Benveniste (1935-2004)

Jacques Benveniste - A TRUE LEGEND AMONG MYTHS from Anton Fedorenko, Jeremy Pfeiffer


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Jacques Benveniste at the Cavendish:

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Recent French film "We found the memory of water", that demonstrates experiment of Luc Montagnier "DNA waves and Water"
(Transmission of IC of DNA from France to Italy):

Some related materials from the Water Conferences that support
Jacques Benveniste's discovery:






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The Perspectives of Practical Application of Electronic Transmission of Medical Drugs: The Role of Water

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The Perspectives of Practical Application of Electronic Transmission of Medical Drugs: The Role of Water

Recent articles:

Luc Montagnier et al., Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves. 2014 (download)

In Support of Findings and Concepts of Jacques Benveniste (D. James and Dorothy M. Morré)