Participants & Materials 2006

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Name Affiliation Tentative Title of Talk Abstract

Clegg, Jim

Univ. of Calif., Davis

Bodega Marine Lab

Life without water: anhydrobiosis

Vaida, Veronica

Univ. of Colorado

Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Water aggregates in the Earth's contemporary and prebiotic atmosphere

Ling, Gilbert

Damadian Foundation for Basic & Cancer Research

New York

"Is Cell Water Merely a Solvent or an Integral Part of Cell Protoplasm?"

Collins, Kim

Univ. of Maryland

Biotechnology Inst.

Ions in water: Lessons from the Hofmeister series

Voracek, Pavel

Univ. of Hradec Kralove, Czech Rep.

Dept. of Physics

Autothixotropy of water: A new phenomenon

Pollack, Gerald

Univ. of Washington

Dept.of Bioengineer.

Long-range water structuring at interfaces

Schmidt, Diedrich

Natl.Inst. for Materials Science

Intl. Ctr. for Young


Vibrational modes of water near surfaces

Havenith, Martina

Ruhr Univ. Bochum


Solute-induced retardation of water dynamics probed directly by terahertz spectroscopy

Heuberger, Manfred



Pushing the limits of direct force measurement in aqueous media: New insights from the extended surface-force apparatus.

Thomas, Yolene


The physical nature of the biological signal: a puzzling phenomenon

Spanier, Jonathan

Drexel University

Dept. of Materials

Science & Eng.

Molecular adsorbates and ferroelectric nanostructures: a 'memorable' combination

Ayrapetyan, Sinerik


Life Sciences Intl.

Postgrad Educ. Ctr.

The messenger role of water-dissociation products in realization of biological effects of weak physical and chemical signals

Lobyshev, Valentin

Moscow State Univ.

Faculty of Physics

Aqueous systems are non-equilibrium self-organizing systems sensitive to weak external forces.

Khijniak, Eugene

Russian Academy of Science, Institute of Cell Biophysics

Water-surface patterns during evaporation

Bruni, Fabio

Univ. of Rome 3

Dept. of Physics

Electrostriction at the microscopic level: Hofmeister' series unveiled?

Nilsson, Anders

Stanford Synchrotron

Radiation Lab

Hydrogen bonding configurations in water and aqueous solutions from X-ray spectroscopy.

Granick, Steve

Univ. of Illinois

How water meets solid surfaces

Allen, Heather

Ohio State Univ.

Dept. of Chemistry

Water structure at air-aqueous salt and lipid interfaces

Hemminger, John

Univ. of Calif. Irvine

Dept. of Chemistry

Composition of the liquid/vapor interface of aqueous salt solutions and the impact of organic surfactant layers

Voeikov, Vladimir

Moscow State Univ.

Dept. Bioorganic Chemistry

Fundamental role of water in bioenergetics

Edwards, Glenn

Duke University

Taking advantage of relaxation processes in water near biological surfaces

Dyer, Nigel

Warwick Univ. UK

Resonant vibrations in HEAT repeats: the tune for the mitotic dance

Tirosh, Reuven

Bar-Ilan University


A model for active streaming: novel implications for the physics, chemistry and biology of water

Cameron, Ivan

U of Texas Health Ctr at San Antonio

Dept. of Cellular &

Structural Biology

A new centrifugal dehydration force method to characterize water compartments in biological and non-biological systems

Fuxreiter, Monika

Institute of


Hydration fingerprint in DNA recognition

Roderick, Michael

Australian Natl Univ

Research School of

Biological Sciences

Water in wood: getting the simple things right

Urry, Dan

Univ. of Minnesota

BioTechnology Inst.

Apolar-polar competition for hydration in function of gated K-channels

Ho, Mae-wan

Institute of Science in


Water structures and phases in biological functions