Posters 2006

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T. Yakhnoa, A. Sanina, V.Yakhnoa, C. Vaccab

Dynamics of Phase Transitions in Drying Drops as an Information Parameter of Liquid Structure.

Dr. Gary C. Vezzoli

The Deformation of the Water Molecule by Localized Positive Charge and Consequential Perturbations of Water-Sheathed DNA; implications regarding the nucleotide bases, and retrovirus pathogens.

SelimElhadj, James J. De Yoreo, Nizhou Han, Patricia M. Dove

Hydrophilicity of Biomolecules as a Speed Control for the Rate of Crystal Growth

Lars G.M. Pettersson, Mathias Ljungberg, Mikael Leetmaa1, Thor Wikfeldt, Michael Odelius, Anders Nilsson

Theoretical X-ray Spectroscopic Aspects on
the Structure of Liquid Water

G. Lenormand, O. Butt, E. Millet, J.P. Butler, J.J. Fredberg, N.I. Moldovan

Deuterium oxide as a tool for determining the role of water in cell me chanics.

Andreas Kage

Water-caged nanoparticles - new insights

Daniel Hone & P.A. Pincus

A lattice model of hydrophobic interactions

Jin Fan & Chi Wu

"Nature of the Slow Relaxation mode in Aqueous
Solution of Small Molecule: Supramolecule Structures or Nanobubbles?"

N.A.Chumaevskii and M.N.Rodnikova

Lifetimes and the Dynamics of Hydrogen Bonds in Liquid Water on Raman Spectral Data

Irving Backman

MRET Water- A Breakthrough Nano-Technology To Enhance All Cellular Functions Of The Immune System Sufficient To Control Most Infectious And Other Diseases; Plus A New Source Of Safe Drinking Water And Food Safety