Participants & Materials 2007

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Name Affiliation Tentative Title of Talk Abstract

Chaplin, Martin

London So. Bank University


Del Giudice, Emilio

INFN, Milano

QED coherence in liquid water and the dynamics of the organization of water in living matter

Klein, Jacob

Oxford /Weizmann Institute

Confined water: from liquid to solid and back again

Deguchi, Shigeru Deguchi


Muddy waters clear up in the deep sub-surface

Ling, Gilbert

Damadian Found.

History of the Theories of Water's Role in Life

Shen, Ron


Improved understanding of water interfacial structures from phase-sensitive surface vibrational spectroscopy

Romsted, Larry

Rutgers University

Ion-specific hydration effects on micellar morphologies


Univ. of Melbourne

Interfacial nanofluids


Univ of Tokyo

Molecular dynamics study of liquids confined in extended-nano spaces on a chip by NMR spectroscopy


Seoul Nat'l Univ

AFM study of water on the nanoscale: the water wire

Riedo, Elisa

Georgia Tech

Nonlinear viscosity of nano-confined water


Univ of Minnesota

Viscosity of interfacial water

Khijniak, Eugene

ITEB, Puschino

Self-structurization processes in superficial layers of water using infrared thermography

Lahav, Meir

Weizmann Institute

Ice nucleation induced by long chain alcohols and by local electric fields on surfaces

Pollack, Gerald

Univ of Washington

Water structuring at interfaces may be more extensive than generally thought

Craig, Vince

Austral. Nat'l Univ

Specific ion effects in aqueous solutions: bubble coalescence


Moscow State Univ.

Electrochemically activated water


Penn State Univ.

Materials science approach to the structure of liquid water and some extraordinary interactions with EM radiation and charged particles in metallic sols.

Raschke, Tanya


Solvation of simple solutes in water: structural details of the hydrophobic interaction


TU Berlin

Charges at the air-water interface

Elaine Zhu,Yingxi

Univ Notre Dame

Frustrated water at a hydrophobic interface


University College Dublin

Interactions at the membrane-fluid Interface

Ise, Norio

Kyoto Univ

When, why, and how does like likelike?

Bryant, Gary

Royal Melbourne Inst. Tech.

Dehydration damage in biological membranes: mechanisms, structure and kinetics


Graz Technology Univ.

The Floating Water Bridge

Fullerton, Gary

U. Texas Health Ctr. at San Antonio

Molecular identity of cellular water compartments

Ginzburg, Ben-Zion

Hebrew University

Is very slow diffusional water movement specific toHaloarculamarismortui?

Tuszynski, Jack

Univ Alberta Edmonton

Transistor-like behavior of ionic conductivity of protein filaments

McGeoch, Julie


Proteolipid entrapment of water



What if we could dope water?

Voeikov, Vladimir

Moscow University

Role of water and carbonates in aerobic respiration

Johnson, Keith


Vibronic interactions of water clusters in physics, chemistry, and biology