Posters 2007

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Cameron, Ivan&Fullerton, Gary

“The new stoichiometric molecular hydration model for proteins also holds for cells”

Elhadj, Selim

"Nanoscale crystal remodeling and growth in ultrathin aqueous layers using a probe-based method"

Wang, Zhi Y.

"Novel Biological Functions of Clustered Water: Laboratory and Clinic Research"

Aksan, Alptekin

Effects of the Kinetic and Thermodynamic Transitions of Confined Water on the Structures of Isolated and Cytoplasmic Proteins

Koksoy, Aslihan

Effect of ouabain or ATP on MMP-2 activation.

Zhao, Qing

Microspheres self assembly in water and their response to light".

Lobyshev, Valentin

Solovey A.B., Lobyshev V.I. Parametric molecular models of water. Structuralpropertiesandrelationtothesolubility of monosaccharides.

Sedlak, Marian

Large-scale supramolecular structures in aqueous solutions and mixtures

Hong, Jiang

Biophysical and biochemical effect of macromolecular crowding".

Wang, Qinghua

The nature of E.coli cytoplasm studied by in-cell NMR".

Chai, Bing-hua

"Spectroscopic Studies of Solutes in Aqueous Solution" authors: Bing-hua Chai and Gerald H. Pollack.

Tanino, Karen

-OH and -OD stretch in biological systems in freezing stress using Mid-IR synchrotron technology

Miller, Lior

Nanoparticles-doped water: structure, properties & applications”.

Mukai, Sada-Atsu

Direct Observation of Colloids under High-Temperature and -Pressure Conditions

Karnieli, Ohad&Mor, Amit et al

Solubilization of hydrophobic drugs in Nanoparticles doped water (Neowater®) and their in-vitro activity

Karnieli, Ohadetal

Stability of enzymes at room temperature using Neowater based environment.

Miller, Lioretal

The effect of rf-irradiation on electrochemical deposition and its stabilization by nanoparticle doping

Yavelsky, V &Lobel, L et al

Enhancement of hybridoma formation, clonability and cell proliferation in a nanoparticle-doped aqueous environment