Participants & Materials 2008

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Name Affiliation Tentative Title of Talk Abstract

Pollack, Gerald

Univ. of Washington

Long-range water structuring at hydrophilic interfaces

DelGiudice, Emilio

INFN, Milan

Quantum ElectroDynamical (QED) Coherence and interfacial water

Pershin, Sergey

Prokhorov Inst. of
General Physics

Four-photon laser spectroscopy of rotational lines in water: observation of protein/DNA selective interaction with H2O para-isomer in aqueous solutions

Kellermayer Jr., Miklos S.Z.

University of Pecs

Nanomechanics of exclusion-zone water


Natl. Academy of
Sciences, Ukraine

Water Specifically Structured with Hydrated Pristine Fullerenes as a Universal Regulator of Biological Processes


ITEM, Puschino

Unusual diffusion processes associated with interfacial layers of water

Friedman, Joel

Albert Einstein
Coll. of Medicine

The Mechanisms of Hydration-Dependent Modulation of Protein Reactivity through Confinement and Addition of Osmolytes

ArtmannM. Gerhard

Univ. of Applied Sciences Aachen

The Crucial Role of Water in a Phase Transition of Hemoglobin at Body Temperature

Riedo, Elisa

Georgia Tech.

Strain-dependent relaxation time in confined wetting liquids

Teixeira, Jose


Hydrogen bonds as a possible explanation of the unusual behavior of water and aqueous solutions

Tokmakoff, Andrei


The dynamics of aqueous hydroxide ion transport from 2D IR spectroscopy

Kolesnikov, Alexander

Oak Ridge Natl Lab

Structure and Dynamics of Water in Carbon Nanotube Confinement.

Techert, Simone

Max-Planck Inst.

Structural and Dynamical Behaviour of Water in (and on) Nano-confined Systems


Texas A&M

Investigating the Role of Ion Specificity on Water Structure and Hydrophobic Collapse


Dortmund Univ.

Which "anomalies" of aqueous systems cannot be explained by the general laws of the statistical physics of fluids?



Experiments with the Floating Water Bridge


Univ. of Palermo

Water mediated HB networks couple the embedded protein with surroundings in trehalose-water but not in sucrose-water matrixes


Univ. of Salerno

Quantum fluctuations, gauge freedom and mesoscopic/macroscopic stability

Rey, Louis


Thermoluminescence as an experimental tool to investigate the ' structure ' of high dilutions


Univ. of Naples

Dissipative structures in extremely diluted aqueous solutions of homeopathic medicine


Inst. of Biochemical Physics, RAS

Water and effect of chemical agents in ultra low concentrations


Tel Aviv Univ.

Induced long range order in water - A myth or
over- looked reality?


Tokyo U. of Science

Photocatalytic water splitting to generate clean and recyclable hydrogen


NASA Ames Research Center, SETI Inst.

How Water Helped Oxidize the Earth - the Peroxy Way


ITMO, St. Petersburg

Dynamic Electrophotonic Analysis of Water and Liquids


Lomonosov Moscow State Univ.

Water -- the Base of the Living State and Vital Functions


Kobe University

Aquaphotomics: VIS-Near Infrared Spectrum of Water as Biological Marker


Tver Medical Acad.

IR spectrometry of water base of biologically active solution

Cameron, Ivan

U. of Texas Health Ctr. at San Antonio

Solute exclusion from cells, gels and proteins: relevance to drug delivery


Univ. of Montreal

The cytoplasm's gel-like behavior contributes to human cell osmosensitivity



Hierarchic theory of liquids and solids and its application to biosystems

Voeikov, Vladimir

Moscow University

Role of water and carbonates in aerobic respiration

Johnson, Keith


Vibronic interactions of water clusters in physics, chemistry, and biology