Participants & Materials 2009

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Name Affiliation Tentative Title of Talk Abstract

Eshel Ben Jacob

Tel Aviv University

Bacteria-guided reflections on water's unusual properties

Barry Ninham

Australian National University

Waterless water: The Faustian bargain of physical chemists and biologists

Gerald Pollack

University of Washington

Unexpectedly long-range effects of hydrophilic surfaces on the contiguous aqueous phase

Emilio del Giudice

INFN Milan

Formation of dissipative structures and emergence of novelties in liquid water

Fabio Bruni

University of Rome

Is there a minimum density in confined water?

Karl Bohringer

University of Washington

Droplet transport on microstructuredsuperhydrophobic surfaces

Kenichi Yoshikawa

Kyoto University

Self-Running Droplet: An Isothermal Chemical Motor

ShigezoShimokawa, TetsuroYokono

Hokkaido University

Sunlight-induced structural change in liquid water

Franco Musumeci

Univ. of Catania

Aqueous ionic solutions investigated by time-resolved delayed luminescence

N. F. Bunkin,

Gen. Physics Inst. Moscow

Structure of stable nanobubbles of dissolved air in water

Roumiana Tsenkova

Kobe University


Elmar Fuchs


The inner structure of a floating water bridge

Yosef Scolnik

Weizmann Institut, Israel

Deviation from identity of macroscopic properties of enantiomers via water chiral preference - Indication for long range order in water?

D. James Morr

Purdue University

Oscillations of the ortho/para ratio of liquid water drive the ultradian regulator of the cell's biological clock

Rustum Roy

Penn State University

Structures and thermodynamics in the (paracrystalline) polymorphism of liquid water

Lior Miller

DO-COOP, Israel

Nanoparticle-doped water: from particle structure to water properties

John Dore

University of Kent

Water and ice in a confined hydrophobic environment

Vladimir Korenbaum

Pacific Ocean. Institute, Vladivostok

Study of water-based electronic-homeopathic nosodes

Vladimir Voeikov

Moscow University

Intrinsic sustained activity of bicarbonate aqueous solutions

Fumio Hirata

Okazaki National Research Institute

Biomolecules in water and water in biomolecules

Jeff Fredberg

Harvard University

Universal behavior of the osmotically compressed cell and its analogy to the colloidal glass transition

Abraham Stroock

Cornell University

What can we learn from plants about water at negative pressures?

Yuko Yoshikawa

Ritsumeikan University

Giant DNA in water: Conformational transition and radio-sensitivity

Hans Frauenfelder

Los Alamos Nat'l Lab

The role of hydration in protein dynamics

Marie Claire Bellisent-Funel

CNRS Saclay, France

Water at Interfaces: Phase transitions and connection to protein dynamics

Kim, Chae Un

Cornell University

Phase behavior of water inside protein crystals

James DeMeo

OrgoneBiophys. Lab

Water as a resonant medium for unusual external environmental factors

Yolene Thomas


Gurvitch experiments revisited

A. Sommer / D. Zhu

University of Ulm

Interfacial water and biolubrication / nondestructive probing of interfacial water

Phil Snyder / Geo Whitesides

Harvard University

Why is it so hard?