Posters 2009

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Name Affiliation Poster Title

Brechue, William

U.S.Military Academy, West Point

Diffusion of HCO3-and strong ions in vivo: cell volume regulation through solute-solvent drag and altered water tension

Capolupo, Antonio

DMI & INFN Salerno

Sonolulminescence and quantum optical heating

Chatterjee, Ruchira


The Structure & Function of Quinones in Photosynthesis: High-Frequency EPR Spectroscopy Studies of Substituent and Solvent Effects on the g-Tensors of Benzoquinone Models

Chai, Binghua

University of Washington

"Interfacial Exclusion zones in Polar solvents" & "Water-Metal interface: an unexpected long range solute-free zone"

Chen, Chi-Shuo

Univ. Cal. Merced

The study of force field within exclusion zone

Deghoyan, Anush

UNESCO Chair-Life Sciences Intl.

The Extra- and Intracellular Water as a Target for Non-Thermal Biological Effect of Millimeter Waves

Dyer, Nigel


The contribution of water to the functional differences between Tubulin its Prokaryotic homologue FtsZ

Ehre, David

New York University

Dramatic Difference in Freezing of Jwater on Positively and Negatively Charged Pyroelectric Surfaces

Jurak, Malgorzata

Univ. of Marie Curie-Sklodowska

Interaction Energy of Model Lipid Membranes with Water

Kittaka, Shigeharu

Okayama University of Science

Thermodynamic and FTIR Studies of Supercooled Water Confined to Exterior and Interior of Mesoporous MCM-41

Lo, Shui Yin

Quantum Health Research Inst.

Evidence for the Existence of Solid Phase of Water at Normal Pressure & Room Temperature

Miyata, Tatsuhiko

Institute for Molecular Science

Thermodynamic Integration Based on Molecular Dynamics Simulation Combined with 3D-RISM Theory

Noureldin, Mostafa

Illinois Inst. of Technology

Biosolids dewatering using super absorbent polymers (SAPs)

Orczyk, John


Oscillations of the Ortho/Para Ratio of Liquid Water & the Ultradian Oscillator of the Cell's 24 h Biological Clock

Ortiz, Deborah

Georgia Inst. of Technology

Investigating the Relationship Between Slip Length and Interfacial Viscosity on OTS Mica and HOPG

Patimo, Giovanni

DMI & INFN Salerno


Paulitsch, Astrid

WETSUS Ctr. of Excellence

Drinking water production: formation of reproducible biofilm communities on RO membranes in a test cell

Ratnakumar, Pasala

ICRISAT (Crop Physiology) India

TE and water uptake kinetics: Rlation with yield components in peanut (Arachishypogaea L.) under drought

Reategui, Eduardo

Univ. of Minnesota, Mech Engr.

Hydrogen Bonding in Water During Hard vs. Soft Confinement

Santandrea, Salvatore

DMI & INFN Salerno

Possible optical enhancement of the energy concentration in sonoluminescence

Shavorskiy, Andrey

University of Reading, Chem. Dept.

Surface chemistry of glycine at water - Pt{111} interface

Szczes, Aleksandra

Univ. of Marie Curie-Sklodowska

Effects of static magnetic field on water and electrolyte solutions properties

Wang, Yi


Anti-cooperativity in the A-DD-A water trimer: a Natural bond orbital study

Wexler, Adam

University of Washington

SR-FTIR Spectromicroscopy of Interfacial Exclusion Zones

Weyers, Amanda


The Mechanism of Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer at the Tyrosine-D Residue of Photosystem II



Interference of Solar and Oxide Irradiation on Molecular Arrangements in Liquid Water

Zeng, Jia

University of Pennsylvania

Effect of Solvent Ionic Strength on Molecule-Surface Interactions in Aqueous Colloids

Zuo, Guanghong

Fudan University, T-Life Res. Ctr.

Effect of the Ordered Water on Protein Folding studied by an Off-Lattice Go-Like Model