Participants & Materials 2010

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Name Affiliation Tentative Title of Talk Abstract

Artmann Aysegül Temiz

U. Appl. Sci, Aachen, Germany

Water, aquaporins and red blood cells

Ben-Jacob, Eshel

Tel Aviv University

Towards a systemic view of water

Mortenson, Julianna

General Resonance, USA

Water and an advance in the foundations of quantum mechanics

Bunkin, Nicolai

Prokhorov Gen. Phys. Inst., RAS, Russia

Refractive index of nafion spheres in water and other solvents: effect of exclusion zone

Cameron, Ivan

U Texas HSC San Antonio

Water dynamics of cells and egg white hydrogel

DelGiudice, Emilio

Univ. of Milan, INFN

Fluctuating dynamics of water and its ability to resonate with the environment

Disalvo, E. Anibal

University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Relevance of water domains on the kinetics of peptide interactionwith lipid membranes"

Durbin, Stephen

Purdue U

Anomalous absorption of terahertz radiation by proteins in water

Fullerton, Gary

U of Colorado, Radiology

Direct MicroCT measures of collagen interfacial water density and protein: Conformational response to hydrating solvent

Furukawa, Yoshinori

Hokkaido U, Japan

Antifreeze protein interaction with ice/water interface

Higashitani, Ko

Kyoto University

Magnetic effects on aqueous solutions

Jiang, Lei

Inst. of Chem, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Bio-inspired, smart, multi-scale interfacial materials

Korotkov, Konstantin

St. Petersburg, Russia

Water memory: myths and experiments

Lo, Shui-Yin

Quantum Health Research Inst.

A new solid phase of water at room temperature & pressure and its health effect

Michaelides, Angelos

London Ctr. for Nanotech, UK

A molecule's eye view of water at interfaces

Miller, Lior

Do-Coop, Israel

Nanoparticle-doped Water: From particle structure to water properties

M"ohlmann, Diedrich

German Aerospace Cntr, Berlin

Water and liquid cryobrines on Mars

Montagnier, Luc

Pasteur Inst., Paris (Nobelist)

DNA, Waves, and water

Morre, D. James

Purdue U

Water and biological time keeping

Nilsson, Anders

SLAC Stanford

X-ray studies reveals fluctuations around two structural motifs in bulk liquid water

Pollack, Gerald

Univ. Washington, Seattle

E= H20: Water, energy and life

Pollner, Bernard

Innsbruck, Austria

Water, rhythms, people and the world: an eclectic review

Rubik, Beverly

Union Inst. & Univ., Oakland

Studies on energized drinking water and living systems

Scolnik, Yosef


Smith, Cyril, (Retired)


The watering of physics, chemistry and biology

Swenson, Jan

Chalmers, Sweden

Glass transition and relaxation behavior of water and aqueous solutions

Takarada, Masataki


Chemically polarized light: Impact on water

Vincent, Julian

U of Bath, UK

If it's sclerotised it must be dry: Phenolic tanning controls hydration

Voeikov, Vladimir

Moscow U

Intermittent glow of humid air induced by incident UV-photons