Posters 2010

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Name Affiliation Poster Title

Agostinho, Leuwton


Total and partial coalescence of bouncing water droplets in electrohydrodynamic atomization

Brownridge, James

Binghamton U.

A search for the Mpemba effect: When hot water freezes faster then cold water

Das, Ronnie

University of Washington

Time-evolution of DI-H2O I-V characteristics during diffusion of NaCl drop

Emilio DelGiudice

Giuseppe Vitiello


University of Salerno

Influence of gravity on the collective molecular dynamics of liquid water: the case of the floating water bridge

Friesen, Douglas

University of Alberta

Microtubule ion and kinesin flows and their contribution to the polar ejection force during mitosis

Fuchs, Elmar


The behavior of a floating water bridge under microgravity conditions

Haider, Waseem

Penn State

On the Nature of Water in a Proteinaceous Interphase

Jerman, Igor

Institute Bion

Physiological effect of informed salt crystals

Kalish, Noa

Ben-Gurion U.

IR Absorption Spectroscopy of the Hydrated Proton in Solution

Kamp, Cees


Bioassay and Impedance Measurements on NRG-treated Water

Kung, Chien-Chang Kurt

University of Washington

The Influence of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Wave on Exclusion Zone Water

Loh, Siu Hong

University College, Dublin

The Influence of Ions on Hydration Layers Adjacent to a Mica Surface

Miyazaki, Mari

Kobe University

Aquaporin molecular dynamics through Aquaphotomics -- promising new tool for real time non-invasive study

Morré, Dorothy

NOX Tech.Inc.
& Purdue

Heart Beat Rate Model for Periodic Shifts Between Ortho & Para Water That May Regulated the Cell's Biological Clock

Orlov, Dmitry

St. Petersburg State Tech. U.

Application of EPC/GDV method in studies of liquid-phase and gas-phase materials

Paulitsch, Astrid


Prokaryotic transport in electrohydrodynamic structures

Sammer, Martina


The Bioscope-System -- Testing and Validating a Novel Sensor for Aqueous Solutions

Sugihara, Sunao

Kanagawa University

Water is the quantum mechanical wave and fulfils cleaning of environment and maintain foods fresh

Tedeschi, Alberto

White HB

Change of the physical properties of liquid water induced by biological processes occurring within it

Wexler, Adam


Characteristics of a Floating Water Bridge in Low Frequency Oscillating Electric Fields

Yoo, Hyok

University of Washington

Impact of hydrophilic surfaces on interfacial water dynamics probed with NMR spectroscopy