Participants & Materials 2011

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Name Affiliation Tentative Title of Talk Abstract

Anisimov, Mikhail

University of Maryland

Liquid water: a state between two critical points

Ben-Jacob, Eshel

Tel Aviv University

The Effects of Naturally-Occurring Nanoparticles in Natural Waters on Biological Aquatic Processes

Brownridge, James

Binghamton University

Transitioning water to an enhanced heat-conducting phase

Bunkin, Nikolai

Prokhorov General Physics Inst.

The behavior of refractive index for water and aqueous solutions close to the Nafion interface

Chang, Hasok

University of Cambridge

When Water Does Not Boil at the Boiling Point

Cifra, Michal

Academy of Sciences, Czech Rep.

Role of organized water in coherence of cellular electrodynamics

DelGiudice, Emilio

University of Milan

Emergence of Coherence in water and aqueous systems

DeMeo, James

Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

Influences of the Reich Orgone Accumulator Upon Water, and by Water

Disalvo, Anibal

University of Buenos Aires

Water between lipids: Domains for peptides insertion

Dyer, Nigel

University of Warwick, UK

The emerging role of nuclear spin in the physics and chemistry of water

Edwards, Glenn

Duke University

Consequences of “Life at Low Reynolds Number” for the Biophysical Investigation of Polymer Dynamics & Tissue Patterning in Developmental Biology

Fagan, Brian

Emeritus, University of California Santa Barbara

Elixir: Humans and the History of Water

Forrester, John

The University of Aberdeen

Physiological Electric Fields: A Central Determinant of Cell Behaviour

Franzese, Giancarlo

University of Barcelona

Water in Hydrophobic Nanoconfinement

Galembeck, Fernando

University of Campinas, Brazil

Water with excess electric charge

Graneau, Neal


Efficient Liberation of Stored Hydrogen Bond Energy from Liquid Water – A Novel Renewable Energy Resource

Holman, Hoi-Ying

Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Hydrogen bond dynamics of cellular water and stress adaptive response

Jones, Sheilla

Science writer

The Trouble with Water Science

Josephson, Brian

Univ. of Cambridge, Cavendish Lab.

Has water got a mind?

Khijniak, Eugene

Russian Academy of Sciences

Some Peculiarities of Convective and Diffusion Processes at Interfacial Layers of Water

Korenbaum, Vladimir

Pacific Oceanologic Inst., Russia

Features of Long Term Supramolecular Order in Near-Infrared Absorption Spectra of Electronic Homeopathic Preparations Based on Saline Solution

Mendive, Cecilia

Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina

New Insights into the Mechanism of TiO2 Photocatalysis: Water and Thermal Processes beyond the Electron-Hole Creation

Mortenson, Juliana

General Resonance

The Fall and Rise of Resonance Science

Montagnier, Luc


Further Studies of the Transduction of DNA through Water

Musumeci, Francesco

University of Catania, PHOEBO

The interaction between pure water and noble metals studied by means of the impedance spectroscopy and the photoelectric effect

Pollack, Jerry

University of Washington

Exclusion Zones: The Fourth Phase of Water

Renno, Nilton

University of Michigan

Evidence for deliquescence and liquid water on Mars

Sedlak, Marian

Slovak Academy of Sciences

Aqueous solutions: unusual features

Sedlmayr, Steven R.

Exploring Structural Physical Changes of Water Modified by a Microwave Resonant Polarized Field and Case Studies of the Health Effects

Tsenkova, Roumiana

Kobe University

Aquaphotomics: Water Spectral Pattern as Biological Marker

Voeikov, Vladimir

Lomonosov Moscow University

Bicarbonate Aqueous Systems Exhibit Sustained Non-Equilibrium State & Display Sensitivity to Cosmic Events

Wonho Jhe

Seoul National Univ.

Time-resolve study of phase transition in the nanoscale water bridge.