Posters 2011

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Name Affiliation Poster Title

Auge,Wayne K

NuOrtho Surgical, Inc

Redox magnetohydrodynamic engineered irrigants (transportable regionally structure-altered water) are based upon constituent charge-to-mass ratio profiles.

Baghdasaryan, Naira

UNESCO Chair Life Sci. Intl. Postgrad Ctr.

The Density-Dependency of Dark and Low Background Radiation Effects on Water amd Water Solution Properties

Brownridge, James

State Univ. of New York at Binghamton

On introducing stable thermal oscillations (several hours) in columns of partially supercool water

Chasovskaya, Tatiana

Emanuel Inst. Biochemical Physics RAS

Effect of highly diluted water solutions of synthetic antioxidant on cell membrane structure

Chernysheva T., Korenbaum V.

Clinics of Functional Medicine "Manus"

Technique of Medical Diagnostics Involving Manual Testing of Muscle Strength Under Non Contact Influence of Water-Based Homeopathic Preparations

Fortunato, Michael

Penn State University

The Goldilocks Surface

Frias, Maria

University of Buenos Aires

Water Microdomains in Lipid Membranes Detected by FTIR Spectroscopy

Germano, Roberto

Promete SRL

Oxhydroelectric Effect in bi-distilled Water

Jerman I., Jan L., Graèner M.

Sisol Plus Ltd.

Bioeffects of chemical imprints from Au-Si colloids within physiological salt solution

Jurak, Malgorzata

Univ. of Maria Curie-Sklodowska

Stability of model membranes during their contact with liquid phase

Ma, Zhonghua

NYU, Dept. of Chemistry

Structure and dynamics of OH-(aq) as a function of temperature

Madl, Pierre

University of Salzburg

Coherence at Waterfall

Martirosyan, Varsik

UNESCO Chair Life Sci. Intl. Postgrad Ctr

Cell hydration as an elevation factor of toxicity of some antibacterial agents on microbes

Philippe, Vallée

Hydrology Laboratory - Paris Descartes University


The Physico-chemical and biological properties of water strengthened by the action of electromagnetic fields : positive impacts in agronomic and cosmetic fields

Szczes, Alexandra

University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska

The influence of static magnetic field on water and electrolyte solutions

Subramanian, Deepa

University of Maryland

Resolving the Mystery of Nanoscale Inhomogeneities In Aqueous Solution of Tertiary Butyl Alcohol

Tachikawa, Maki

Meiji University

Raman Spectroscopy of Supercooled Water Droplet Suspended in Optical Trap

Takarada, Masaaki

Member of JSAP

Chemically Polarized light

Wang, Chunlei

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Stable Water Droplet on a Water Monolayer - A Direct Evidence of Hydrophobic-like Water at Room Temperature

Yurchenko, Stanislav


Non-equilibrium perturbations of media close to the amorphous state transition;the new approach to the description of the liquid state