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Anick, David

Harvard Medical School, USA

Proposed Microlattice Structures for High/Very High Density Amorphous Ice and the Exclusion Zone

Chin, Wei-chun

Univ. of California, Merced, USA

Solute-Exclusion Zones: New Driving Force for Microfluidics

DelGiudice, Emilio

University of Milan, INFN, Italy

Emergence of Quantum Coherence in Liquid Water and Aqueous Systems

DeRome, Dominique

EMPA, Switzerland

Does dead wood remember water?

Disalvo, Anibal

University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Water Pockets in Lipid Membranes Evaluated by FTIR Spectroscopy

Fels, Daniel

University of Basel, Switzerland

Electromagnetic regulation of cell density in Paramecium caudatum

Fuchs, Elmar

Wetsus, NL

A new state of water

Germanov, Evgeny

DST Foundation, Russia

The Perspectives of Practical Application of Electronic Transmission of Medical Drugs: The Role of Water

Harrison, Helen

The Harrison Studio, USA

On the Force Majeure, Waters and Ecosystems: The Sierra Nevada, the Peninsula of Europe and the Tibetan Plateau

Harrison, Newton

Huyghe, Jacques

Eindhoven Univ. of Technology. NL

Flow patterns induced by hydrophylic surfaces

Ignatov, Dr. Ignat

Scientific Research Ctr. of Medical Biophysics Sofia, Bulgaria

Origin of life and living matter in hot mineral water/Water in the Human Body is Informational Bearer of Longevity

Johansson, Benny

Akloma Bioscience AB, Sweden

A coherent water state - Implications for self-regulation and restoration of biological structures and functions

Johnson, Bob

Independent Researcher, UK

Plasma-like behaviour in partially ionised liquids: the Canal Transport Model of phloem translocation

Konovalov, Alexander

RAS, Kazan Chemical School, Russia

The Physicochemical Study of Highly Diluted Aqueous Solutions. The Effects of Ultra-low Concentrations and Electromagnetic Fields.

LeClair, Mark

NanoSpire Inc., USA

Discovery of Macrocationic Crystalline H20 Cavitation Reentrant Jets & Their Role in Cavitation Zero Point Energy, Fusion & the Origin of Life

Matsudaira, Paul

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Imaging Interfacial Water & It's Dynamics at NM Resolution and Real Time by Transmission Electron Microscopy

Mendive, Cecilia

Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina

What an electron-hole pair upon UV irradiation of TiO2 can do besides the red-ox reactions

Montagnier, Luc

Fondation Mondiale Recherche et Prevention HIV, Unesco, France

DNA Information Carried by EMS: Experimental Evidence and Medical Applications

Morré, Dorothy

Mor-NuCo, LLC, USA

Report on 6th Intl Congress "Weak and Super Weak Fields and Radiations in Biology and Medicine" St. Petersberg, Russia July 2-6, 2012

Morré, James

Pines, Ehud

Ben-Gurion University, Israel

The carbonic acid system: Nature's universal buffer that does more than just regulating the pH of water.

Pollack, Gerald

University of Washington, USA

The Fourth Phase of Water: Biological Implications

Rubik, Beverly

Institute for Frontier Science, USA

Studies and Observations on a "Functional" Water, Ionized Alkaline Water

Schroecker, Georg

Schauberger Foundation, Austria

Water Images: Revealing the Fourth Phase of Water

Sugihara, Sunao

Kanagawa University, Japan

How Can We Eliminate Radiation from Radioactive Materials?

Takarada, Masaaki

Member JSAP, Japan

Spectral Analysis of Masses of Water in the Radio Frequency Range

Thomas, Yolene

CNRS, France

A Commentary on Cellular & Molecular Language

Tsenkova, Roumiana

Kobe University, Japan

Aquaphotomics: water molecular system real time perturbations identified and measured with near -infrared light

Vitiello, Giuseppe

University of Salerno, Italy

Laboratory evidence of fractal and coherent structures in water. Experimental results and theoretical understanding

Voeykov, Vladimir

Moscow State U. & DST Foundation, Russia

On the relationship Between Exclusion Zones and Coherence Domains in Water

Wand, Josh

Univ. of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, USA

A new perspective of protein hydration & solvent slaving from solution NMR