Posters 2012

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Name Affiliation Poster Title

Dadasyan, Erna

Unesco Chair-Life Sciences Postgrad Educ. Ctr.

The modulating impact of illumination and background radiation on 8 Hz-induced infrasound effect on physicochemical properties of physiological solution

Frias, Maria


Water State in Confined Regions of Lipids Bilayers Observed by FTIR Spectroscopy

Friedman, Joel

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Protein Dynamics and Water: who is the slave and who is the master and does it matter?

Friesen, Douglas

University of Alberta

Forces Acting on Mitochondria during Mitosis in Cancer

Gang, Noa

University of Washington

Do Different Types of Energy Differently Affect the Exclusion Zone?

Gowen, Aoife

University College Dublin

Application of NIR Spectroscopy, Chemometrics and Aquaphotomics for Characterization of Changes in Hydrogen Bond Network of Water Caused by Perturbation Due to Salts and Temperature

Hansmann, Brigitte

DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition

Beliefs Reflected in the Liquid Crystal of Interfacial Water

Jerman, I., Gračner, M. and Jan, L.

Institute Bion

Near field biological influence of Au-Si colloid imprinted information

Kung, Kurt

University of Washington

Novel renewable energy from interfacial water

Li, Ying

McGill University

Alteration in Water Structure may explain ELF Magnetic Field action on Cancer Cell Metabolism

Madl, Pierre & Linda Corinna Stoehr

University of Salzburg

Stress relieving effect of negatively charged aerosols on in-vitro cell cultures

Mishra, Himanshu

California Institute of Technology

Why is the Air-Water Interface Negatively Charged?

Murugan, Nirosha & Lukasz Karbowski

Laurentian University

The Physiochemical and Spectroflourescent Analysis of Patterned Magnetically Field Treated Water

Dorothy & D. James Morre, Stanislav D. Zakharov


Period length of ortho-para water oscillations determined from water autoluminescence

Munćan, Jelena

University of Belgrade

Comparative Study of Water and Aqueous Systems Using Near Infrared and Opto-Magnetic Spectroscopy

Pines, Dina

Ben Gurion University

Metal-cation enhanced water acidity probed by photobases and its relation to the Hofmeister series of bio-reactivities

Rohani, Mina

University of Washington

Self-driven Flow in Hydrophilic Tubes

Rubtcova, Ekaterina

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Analysis of Water Bond Structures by Methods of Molecular Dynamics

De, Jaysankar

Unesco Chair-Life Sciences Postgrad Educ Ctr.

Importance of Aquatic Macrophytes in Controlling Water Quality