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Water Conference 2013 Opening Gerald Pollack

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Alberto Foletti Dpt. innovative Technologies, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland-SUPSI, Manno, Switzerland & Institute of Translational Pharmacology, National Research Council-CNR, Rome, Italy Electro-Magnetic Information Transfer Through Aqueous Systems: a path from experimental evidences to clinical perspectives.
Alexander Konovalov A.Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry , Kazan, Russian Academy of Sciences Nanoassciates are the material carriers of bio-effects manifested by high diluted water solutions of BAC
Antonella de Ninno ENEA Different Kinds of Water
Beverly Rubik Institute for Frontier Science, Oakland, California, USA Optical Method to Measure the Kinetics of Exclusion Zone Formation at Membrane-Water Interfaces and Preliminary Results
Chaim Frenkel Rutgers-the State University of New Jersey Fruit Ripening – A developmental event driven by hydration stress
Denis LE BIHAN NeuroSpin, CEA Ecotechnology of the water molecule in the human brain
Emilio Del Giudice Centro Studi Eva Reich EZ-water in the light of Quantum Field Theory
Eshel Ben-Jacob Tel Aviv University Rethinking natural water
Fernando GalembeckUniversity of Campinas, Brazil Hygroelectricity: liquid water and vapor are electric charge carriers
Gerald Pollack University of Washington, Seattle The Role of EZ Water in Health
James Brownridge State University of New York at Binghamton Supercooling and freezing dirty water: A laboratory investigation of terminally observable phenomena associated with cooling and freezing
James L. Oschman N.O.R.A. Functional role of quantum coherence in interfacial water
István N Huszár Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary Kinetics of exclusion-zone formation
Konstantin Korotkov Bioelectrography research of water and water influence to the state of people
Lei Jiang Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Bio-Inspired, Smart, Multiscale Interfacial Materials with Super-Wettability
Luc Montagnier World Foundation for Aids Research and Prevention Water Structures Carrying DNA Information. Application to HIV/AIDS and Autism
Luis Santana-Blank Fundalas, Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Development, Caracas-Venezuela Water-light interaction: A novel pathway for multi hallmark therapy in cancer
Marco A. Sacilotti University of Bourgondy France Phosoythesis and water: why researches have created a divorce between them?
Nada Verdel Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology Possible further indications of the “autothixotropic” phenomenon of water
Nadezda Palmina Emanuel Institute Biochemical Physics Russian Academy of Science Water and effect of antioxidants in ultra-low doses on biological membranes.
Peter Jones Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education (C O R E), UK Brownian Motion - What Brown Really Saw and Described
Roumiana Tsenkova Kobe University, Japan Aquaphotomics for weak signals quantification in water
Rupert Sheldrake Fellow of Schumacher College, UK Setting Science Free: Dispelling Dogmas And Opening New Frontiers
Sumio Ozeki Shinshu Univrsity Water interacting with magnetic fields: structures, properties, and functions
Thorsten Bartels-Rausch Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) Environmental Snow: From the Atmosphere to the Molecular Scale
Tim Crowe Regional Institute of Veterinary Emergencies and Referrals, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA Electrolyzed Water: An Overview and Clinical Results of its Use in 6 Veterinary Practices
Vladimir Voeikov Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology, Moscow, Russia Electronically excited bicarbonate aqueous systems respond to «informational copies» of medical drugs transmitted via internet.
Vladimir Vysotskii Kiev National Shevchenko University, Radiophysical Faculty, Kiev, Ukraine 1). Physical investigation, theoretical analysis and successful biophysical application of activated water;
2). Accelerated controlled deactivation of water solutions of long-lived reactor radionuclides by growing microbiological cultures
Yordanka Mankova Regional History Museum in Vratza, Bulgaria The Demon - Guardian of Water