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Photo Name, Affiliation Poster Title Abstract Poster
Sonia Sheikh, University of Toronto, Department of ChemistryMinimizing signal interference from the biological sample matrix in a biosensor for sepsis: the pivotal role of water

Hans J. Eng, CEO Eng3 corporation. 
His background is in material science and proteomics. He founded Eng3 corp. At Eng3, the focus is on bio-physical repair processes in cells, (ROS, water, excitation, energy transfer, proteins). He and his team developed NanoVi. NanoVi is a bio-identical signaling technology that assists and enhances the cellular repair capacity. His motivation is to provide a solution to experts in Medical/Wellness/Sport to mproves their client’s general state of health.
Bio-identical signaling technology
Vesna Periček Krapež, Institute Bion, Ljubljana, SloveniaCommon denominator between molecules, water and organisms in transmitting biologically effective information
Sungchul Ji, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Rutgers University, PiscatawayWater is to cell language what air is to humn language: a hypothesis
Tom M Pettersson, Clinical Biochemist, PhD
Independent HealthCare Professional Lean Innovations Managements Educations and Quality Facilitator and "Change Agent", Stockholm
 A case study - data driven approach restoring and maintaining wellness in a seemingly healthy person – is there a hidden role of water?
Jere Rivera-‐Dugenio, International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine, Honolulu, HawaiiThe disclosure of hydrolase, Atomic living water
Marina Nikiforova, Department of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry, Medical Institute, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), MoscowControl of water solutions properties through the isotope ratio d/h
Marina Andriyasheva, State Research Institute on Lake and River Fisheries, RussiaInformational role  of water  for  functioning of  living systems
Pierre Madl, Environmental Physics & Biophysics, Department of Chemistry & Physics of Materials, University of Salzburg, AT and EDGE-Institute, Oberscheffau, Salzburg, ATCoherence Monitor - Searching for the Light of Life