The Global Scientific Experiment


During Water  Conference 2018, on October 18-21, we will conduct a global experiment.


Description of the experiment: Methodology of this experiment is a subject of public discussion. The participants (prior and during the conference) will download from the technical center the IC of chemical substances. The experiment will be performed by high-resolution measurements of pH and conductivity (impedance spectra) of distilled water and normal saline solution with and without the applied IC (experiment and control).  


The main requirements to the used measurement equipment: 0,001pH resolution (for pH meters), up to 10-8-10-9 S/cm resolution and the frequency range 10Hz-200kHz (for conductivity meters and electrochemical impedance spectrometers (EIS)), capability to store a stream of measurement data via USB (it will be used for continuous measurements), thermal stabilization of samples. The company CYBRES will support this experiment within the user network of EIS spectrometers, two such EIS devices (http://cybertronica.de.com/products/MU-EIS-spectrometer) will be granted (to giveaway) to the experiment participants  


This is an invitation to join this experiment for the scientists from all over the world, who have experience of experimentation with water and necessary equipment. One can participate in the experiment regardless of the conference attendance, it needs to register. After registration you'll receive the description of the experiment methodology, example of protocols and instructions for IC download.  

Scientific Consultants: Prof. B.Surinov (Russia), Dr.rer.nat. S.Kernbach (Germany), coordinator - (DST Foundation).  


Free ICs for experiment you can download here: www.science.gict.world


Information for the experiment participants  

The opinion of prof.G.Pollack about the IC project is presented here «New technology is changing the way we think about medicine». Please forward this information to your friends or colleagues who are interested in innovative technologies. All participants of the global experiment  will get a certificate.  


We are interested in finding sponsors of the global experiment to implement it on a high level and make the results available to as many people as possible



Researchers reports: